A snapshot from workshop no 2

Discussing the 7 C’s 

The next workshop is emphasizing the following 7 C’s; Consumer solutions, Cost, Communications, Convenience, Consultation, Civil society, Coolness

I’m joining the group that is discussing coolness. The group consists of 10 girls.


What is cool?

After a short brainstorm words as confidence, individualism, vintage, sexy and trend setting are written on the board as inspiration for the further discussion. Being so many different people with different cultures and ideas provides a perfect setting for the discussion.

Soon they point out that it is crucial that the clothes need to be as strong in design as any other item and at least as colourful.


Cool is unpolitical

Also not everybody likes to make political statements. Therefore the coolness is preferred to be apolitical.

“It’s better to move focus away from the political part of sustainability, because it is almost impossible to be sustainable all the way. It is better for a brand to pick out some aspects, where you show sustainability”, a girl says and the others agree.


The second workshop of the Youth Fashion Summit - the students discuss the challenges and the solutions of the 7 C's.



Grandmothers coat – perhaps redesigned

Another aspect is to tell the story of the clothes. Give the clothes an identity and think of it as “a good friend”.


Cool sustainable fashion

After two hour’s discussion on making sustainable clothes cool, we are ready for the presentation. The challenge is to create a cult of coolness around sustainable fashion – and for the solution the girls are full of ideas; for instance marking every garment, making it subtle, making the trend setters lead the “movement” ect. 


“It is always difficult with the solutions, because there are so many different approaches to that, but it is interesting to map the opportunities” a girl from Milan says.


Tomorrow’s presenter

Before the next coffee break we are asked to choose our presenter for tomorrow’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit. After a fast vote we have a candidate, who is ready to stand up for 1000 people at the opera house tomorrow – not to mention all the people who watch it in TV or online. We can’t wait to hear Coco from London College of Fashion speak!



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