Presentation of the next steps towards sustainable fashion

The climax of the day is the presentation by the hardworking groups. The suggested solutions regarding the 7 C’s are being revealed to some of the most powerful people in the industry. The VIP panel consisted of

Eva Kruse (Danish Fashion Institute), Giorgio Pace (V Magazine), Martin Lidegaard (Minister for Climate, Energy and Building), Marko Matysik (Vouge), Kai Margrander (Glamour), Nick Main (Deloitte), Søren Stig Nielsen (Maersk Line), Mark Hachmann (Lee & Fung Sourcing Europe Apparel)

The atmosphere is intense as the suggested solutions are being presented by one student from each group. The panel is carefully listening and sharing their perspectives with us.

The easy choice

“Buying sustainable fashion should be as easy as buying a coffee at Starbucks”.

The host Peter Ingwersen from Day Birger et Mikkelsen sums up one of the presentations. Sustainable fashion should be an easy choice for both producers as well as consumers.

After the feedback the presentations are modified and the groups are now ready with their final presentation for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit tomorrow.

“It’s difficult to boil down such complex areas into one or two punch lines, but it is a cool exercise”, a student from Milan says.


The last finger is put on tomorrow’s presentations

Moving on

The Youth Fashion Summit ends at Maersk with a reception, before a bus is taking us to Christiania for dinner at Spiseloppen. It is a bus full of tired, but happy participants. Everybody agrees that dinner and a drink is the perfect next step of the day.


The Youth Fashion Summit ends with a nice reception


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