Getting ready…

Breakfasting in sunshine

When I’m meeting the participants for breakfast they are sitting outside enjoying the sunshine at the terrace. Danhostel near the Bella Center has been so kind to host them during the days of the summit’s and is taking very good care of them.

Danhostel has been so kind to host the fashion students

Most of them are already dressed up as I arrive and asking me some questions about the opera. The nerves have started to show up – in a good way though.

Wayne Tu from London College of Fashion is excited to hear the speeches by all the prominent guests. His teacher will participate in the event as well, so he hopes she will like their presentation.

“I’m so nervous even though I’m not the one presenting our suggestions on stage. But we have worked so hard on this presentation together” Steff from London College of Fashion tells me.

At another table they are asking me where to go shopping in Copenhagen. They are clearly disappointed in the fact that tomorrow the shops are closed for the public holiday.

A last cup of coffee and we are ready to leave with the bus for the opera house and the COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT!


Here they are – the 100 designers of the future!



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