THE YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT is a cornerstone in the process of changing the industry and ultimately a unique channel for the new generation of designers, who will inherit the planet’s future challenges.The program will consist of 3 webinars starting Marts 2012 with presentations, assignments and discussion for participating lecturers and students. The program will culminate with an all-day workshop held May 2nd. The results of the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT will be presented on stage at the COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT on May 3rd – the world’s largest conference on sustainability and fashion – giving the Industry the students’ take on a Sustainable Fashion Future and on how to engage consumers in this development.

The overall objective is to gather innovative ideas and suggestions on how to get tomorrow’s mainstream consumer to act sustainably – to develop a new sustainable vision for the fashion industry focusing on consumer involvement – seen through the eyes of the next generation.

Prior to the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT workshop May 2nd there will be a process consisting of webinars and an assignment will prepare participating students to engage in a sequence under the theme: Consumers for sustainable consumption of fashion. The initial knowledge will be conducted through “webinars”. The webinars will include introductions, lectures, discussions and a research assignment. This is partly to gain knowledge and insight through own empirical studies, partly to create common ground and framework for the seminar held on May 2nd.

Read the report “The NICE Consumer – Research Summary and Discussion Paper- Toward a Framework for Sustainable Fashion Consumption in the EU” prior to the 1st webinar.

See the report here

The report serves as a starting point for the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT, webinars, assignments, as well as the workshop. The report has been prepared in collaboration between Nordic Fashion Association / Danish Fashion Institute and BSR – The Business of a Better World.

When: Thursday 29 March, 16:00-18:00 GMT +1

2nd webinar: POST CONSUMERISM AND PROLONGED LIFE CYCLE OF A FASHION GARMENT When: Wednesday 11 April, 17:00-19:00 GMT +1

When: Thursday 19 April, 17:00-19:00 GMT +1

Introduction to assignment: In the assignment students must act as an “Explorer” looking for signs of sustainability in their community. Students will be giving introduction to four focus areas (scopes) they shall explore (pages 5 in “The NICE Consumer – Research Summary and Discussion Paper- Toward a Framework for Sustainable Fashion Consumption in the EU”). These areas will be part of the workshop the May 2nd as well. Students will be introduced to work with an anthropological approach called Ethnoraid. Students will be presented with methods they can explore and decode behaviour, trends and opportunities in their work on the topics given in the webinars and report.

The purpose of the assignment is to give students a possibility to critically explore issues of sustainability in their community based on qualitative methods. To give students tools to work with the decoding of consumer behavior. Furthermore to enable them to focus on barriers, myths and challenges regarding to conventional as well as sustainable consumption patterns. The purpose is also to encourage the student to work open-mindedly and reflexively as well as methodically with the focus of integrating given theory and practice into this assignment.

In addition the purpose is to give the students tools to enable them to explain and analyse their findings, and select and create visual and writing statements between the third webinar and the workshop May 2nd. Last but not least to be able to transform these Ethnoraids into a useful documentation to be used on the workshop Wednesday May 2nd.

Assignment in details given Thursday 29 March and the research starts just after. Results of the research must be handed in Monday 30 April (Further introductions will follow).

Plan for the outcome May 2nd to be presented May 3rd at Copenhagen Fashion Summit:

  • 75-100 of the most talented young design and business school students in Europe participates in the 3 webinars and the whole day workshop the 2nd of May.
  • A new sustainability vision and sustainable vision, recommendations for the fashion industry focusing on consumer engagement – and seen with the eyes of the next generation.
  • This will be the overall objective for the 3 webinars and the whole day workshop the 2nd of May.

The outcome will be captured in a film showing both process and vision and how this should be target. The film/vision from YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT will be presented on stage at the summit on May 3rd giving the industry their take on a sustainable fashion future and on how to engage consumers in this development. The outcome from the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT will be presented by the students on stage at the COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT May 3rd. You can read more about the COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT in which you will all take part at the blog our on Nordic Fashion Associations webpage

Results from the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT, will also feed into United Nations’ Rio+20 negotiations this summer. This gives the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT a unique global outreach and provides a solid platform for influence – from supply chain to end-user behavior. Add to this, that the Nordic Fashion Association is a central player in the ongoing development of the European Union’s first ever policy on fashion. This implies that the contribution from the Youth Fashion Summit participants will have direct impact on the future European industry of fashion.


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