When: Thursday 29 March, 16:00-18:00 GMT +1

Introduction: The first webinar has its starting point in findings from  “The NICE Consumer – Research Summary and Discussion Paper- Toward a Framework for Sustainable Fashion Consumption in the EU

See the report here

Purpose:  This is to set the scene for the student work starting with the webinars, the assignments in between and the workshop May the 2nd and to ensure that there are relationship between the YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT and the COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT. What are our ambitions as active citizens in our evolving societies, economies, and cultures within a web of life? What frameworks are required to generate and reward sustainable business models for resilience and regeneration prioritized over consumption and growth? How can we catalyse the transition from today’s throwawayism culture to a future focused on sustainable practices, processes, interactions, materials  and products and to value the life and lives of each element of fashion ?

  • 16:00: Welcome by Tina Hjort, KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
  • 16:05: Introduction to the objectives for the NICE CONSUMER student project (Dilys Williams) – overview of the opportunities for those involved and the great imperative for us as creatives in the fashion business. The mindset that we are looking for, the preparation needed and the accolade of the work being given such an amazing platform.
  • 16:30: Focus on findings from “The NICE Consumer – Research Summary and Discussion Paper- Toward a Framework for Sustainable Fashion Consumption in the EU”  (Dilys Williams) – overview of the findings and what it means to ‘active citizens in our times’ what we are looking for as people, what fashion faciltates and how we can create a culture for sustainability. This will include examples of projects, design processes that favour quality of experience, the ability to help those inside and outside the process – design for ‘good’ what is a ‘life well lived’.
  • 17:00: 5 minutes break
  • 17.05: Introduction to the assignment, working process, tools, and outcome (Camilla Roed Simpson)
  • 17:45: Questions and dialog.
  • 18:00: Students continue the dialog on the Youth Fashion Summit blog.

Preparation: Read “THE NICE CONSUMER research summary and discussion paper: Towards a framework for sustainable fashion consumption in the EU”
Format: 120 min. webinar.
Host: Dilys Williams, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion and Anthropologist Camilla Roed Simpson

Download the assignment here

Hear and see the presentations from the 1st webinar


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